How to Get MailChimp ‘API Key’ and ‘Audience ID’ for MailChimp Integration

Posted by admin at 02 Aug, 2020

Mailchimp is a Email marketing service which gives you the ability to create and manage mailing lists, newsletters, automated campaigns and more. Mailchimp is very simple and easy to use which gives you access to an array of email marketing tools all conveniently located in one place. There are several advantages that Mailchimp provides over other competitors in the industry which make it a top choice for businesses looking to get their foot in the door with email marketing.

MailChimp provides both free and paid plans for its customers according to their needs. The free plan is very suitable for startups and those who running personal non-profit blogs etc. In free plan you can have a list of 2000 subscribers and can send 12000 emails.

Mailchimp is used in many products to automate their mailing list one of popular product is super social content locker.

How to Create API Key and get List ID

For API Key

1). Login to your MailChimp account.

2) Under the user menu on the top right corner, select Accounts option.

3) Go to Extras -> API keys from the sub navigation menu

4) So this is your API keys, you can use an existing one or you can create new one by clicking on the Create A Key button

For Audience/List Id:

1) Go to the list which you are planning to subscribe all your users. Click on the Audience option on the top menu and then Audience Dashboard.

2) Create New one if you didn’t create before by clicking on create audience button and enter details for your audience. You will find the unique ID for audience under the audience ID label.

3) if you already created audience then click on arrow button at right and click settings. You will find audience id at the end of the of the page.

So we got all the necessary details to work with the MailChimp subscriber API. Just copy and paste mailchimp API key and List Id to Super Social Content Locker plugin to automate your mailing list.

Happy Using!